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 The Wharf

(Point Loma Marina)

America’s Cup Harbor, San Diego, CA

This difficult site on the waterfront lay vacant many years due to the underlying soils issues.  Using new ground improvement techniques we were able to find a solution to support the two story mutli-use buildings.


The building design utilized exposed timber as an architectural feature.  The use of engineered timber was chosen to minimize maintenance and life cycle costs of the structure while maintaining a unique building envelope for contemporary work spaces, restaurant and retail spaces.  The durability of the timber and steel systems were found to be a good solution for the high seismic and wind loads for which the site was subjected.  

This collaboration with Miller-Hull Architecture was a success and resulted in several awards including an Orchid award from the San Diego Architectural Foundation, a Citation Award from the American Institute of Architects, and a Marine Structure Award from the American Institute of Concrete.

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