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William L. Travis & Associates was founded by Bill Travis for the purpose of providing structural engineering services to the San Diego architectural community.  The first project for the new company was the San Ysidro Border Crossing.  Shortly thereafter, Bob Verdugo joined Bill as a project engineer and the new company was up and running.  To expand their client base, the company began to pursue Department of Defense work for the Navy as the prime design professional. 


Travis, Verdugo & Associates - Bob Verdugo was promoted to Vice-President, became a shareholder and the company name was changed to Travis, Verdugo & Associates.  In the late 1970’s, the company started to provide other consulting services such evaluating insurance claims and providing expert witness services for litigation.  


Peter Curry joined the company as a project engineer and in 1981, was promoted to the level of Associate.


Travis, Verdugo, Curry & Associates - After obtaining his SE license, Peter was offered the chance to become a shareholder and gladly accepted.


Bill Travis was killed in a tragic airplane accident while pursuing his passion of aerobatic flying in his Pitts aircraft.  Bill’s passing created a challenge for the company and although he could not be replaced, Bob and Peter reorganized responsibilities to continue the company based on the principles that Bill established.  In 1987, ​John Price joined the company, relocating to San Diego after running a successful engineering business in South Africa.  In 1989, John was offered a share of the business and became the Managing Principal.


Jim Stenger joined the company after graduation from Cal Poly SLO.


Curry Price Court - With the retirement of Bob Verdugo, Tony Court, who had joined the firm in 1988 was offered a portion of Bob’s shares.  The name was changed to Curry Price Court with Peter taking over as President.  In 2006, Jim became a shareholder in the company.  In 2008, Tony chose to leave the company for other pursuits leaving Peter, John, and Jim as the remaining shareholders.


Curry Stenger Engineering - With John looking to retire, Peter and Jim purchased John’s shares, changed the name to reflect the new leadership and moved the company to Encinitas, CA from San Diego where the company had been since 1969.  John fully retired in 2015 after 28 years.  Thank you, John.


Although the company today bears little resemblance to the one started over 50 years ago by Bill, the principles on which the company was founded - honesty, integrity, and professionalism - continue to guide Peter and Jim as they lead Curry Stenger Engineering into the future, whatever it may hold.  We would like to thank all who have passed through our doors, Bill, Bob, John & Tony, current and former employees, clients, and colleagues.   We value your contributions and support over the years and the part all of you have played in our success. 

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