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The Marketplace at Liberty Station

2850 Womble Road, San Diego, CA

The Marketplace at Liberty Station is included in the mixed-use redevelopment of the former Naval Training Station (NTC) in San Diego.  The project was a collaboration between The City of San Diego and The Corky McMillin Companies and includes residential, office, retail, historic, arts and cultural, park and recreation space.

We provided seismic investigations and retrofit for the adaptive re-use of four major historic structures which provide retail and restaurant space within the project.

The three historic barracks buildings are two story structures which were originally “H” shaped in plan.  In order to provide the retail space necessary for an economically viable project while limiting the changes to the historic building elevations, the interior “web” of the “H”  was demolished and a modern steel frame infill building utilizing long span steel trusses and Special Truss Moment Frames was erected with seismic joints between the new and historic structures.  The existing historic buildings were retrofitted with shotcrete shear walls to provide upgraded seismic resistance.


Renovation work included new building additions, installing transfer girders to support the roof where interior columns  were removed and the addition of shotcrete shear walls for seismic resistance.

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